Consolidated Links as of 08.June.2007

Few interesting stories floating around the past few days

Should You Buy the Iphone?
- Pricey, yes, cool, yes, worth it. Not so sure.

Hoffman Secures Place in History With 500th Save
- Anytime, someone in baseball does something never done before its an important event. 500 saves is an important event.

WiTricity, Wireless Energy Just About Reality
- Just what I need, something else to fry my brain. Who cares, if I can charge my digital camera without digging out the power cord, I'm game.

New China Bankruptcy Law Takes Effect
- Remember that failing wonton shop that's losing money back in Beijing that you own? You can file bankruptcy now.

Reuters DealZone
- Reuters. Every Hour. Every Second. Keep up with the Deals.

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