China Get Knocked Down, but gets Up Again

The Shanghai Composite Index took a 8.3% knock today. United States stock markets didn't care and got an itsy bitsy gain.

This got me wondering, we all know China has had gains hand over fist for the past few years now and it got me wondering how long it is going to continue. Also, assuming the gains keep continue what is the best venue to capitalize on those gains? A quick search uncovered these few ideas.

Morgan Stanley China Closed End Fund (CAF) - be like a Chinese citizen and get some of your own Class A shares in Chinese companies!

IShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (FXI) - Highlights include PetroChina, China Mobile Ltd., and China Life Insurance Company.

Both of these idea seem pretty encouraging assuming the China market is going to continue upwards. With the Chinese Government trying to slow and reform its market at the same time this is far from a sure thing. What do you think, how would you get in the Chinese market if at all? By all means, I am not an expert on the Chinese markets. I would love to hear from everyone's comments regarding what they think. Is there anyone from China out there that has an inside (not insider) perspective?

[Photo: Wam Mosely]

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