You Booked it For How Much?!

Since its Memorial Day weekend and many people are going to be travelling, I thought I'd put down my favorite travel sites to use to book travel such as airfare or hotels.

Overall, my current site of choice is Kayak.com, one of the new players on the travel booking scene. The reason that I like Kayak is that it doesn't just search a single airline or site, but rather many airlines and travel sites like Priceline.com. Many times when I've been searching doggedly for the lowest fare on tens of travel sites, Kayak will find a lower one in a single search. It's also very easy to filter the results you get for specific airlines or arrival or departure times. This way you can pinpoint exactly the flight you're looking for at the price you're looking for. Kayak also works very well for international travel as well. My second place site that I check is farechase.yahoo.com, it has the same setup as Kayak, but it seems that it doesn't search as many sites and just quite can't find the best deals.

In addition to Kayak, when in Europe, I've had success with Mobissimo.com, which is very similar to Kayak but focuses mainly on Europe. Mobissimo searches on sites that aren't in English so that is quite beneficial as well. Be sure to take a look at Venere.com as well. Venere is a site to find accommodations like hotels and Bed and Breakfasts. They have many choices as well as many pictures and reviews to go with all those choices.

Lastly, before you plan your trip, take a look at Tripadvisor.com, you can find great reviews on cities and hotels to better know what to predict when you go. Also, don't forget to refer to the forums on Fodors.com and Frommers.com, there is a wealth of information to find there.

I've given the sites that have worked well for me, what sites have you had success with?

Here's to exciting travels!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Take also a look to a site called Trabber. Here is the address - http://www.trabber.com

I hope you´ll find it interesting. :)

27 May, 2007 04:12  
Blogger cclemens31 said...

Giving it a run right now, seems to be very quick which is good. Overall it seems pretty good. I will have to add this to my travel search list.

27 May, 2007 04:46  

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