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OK, this is older news, but have you been thinking about the XM/Sirius Merger (here is another source of info) lately? SiriusXM (as I think they will be called) announced they were planning on merging about three months ago, but this is pending on the Antitrust review. In my opinion, the merger should pass because of many reasons, but for one many people don't want to pay twice to receive their sports, ie how it is now with MLB on XM and NFL on Sirius.
This is the question. Do you think the merger will pass through Antitrust? Michael Powell seems to think so. Mr. Powell is the former FCC chairman. He thinks that it will pass with concessions being made. As long as it can be proved that satellite radio isn't competing with satellite radio but rather with Ipods and Mp3 Players.

This could be a big deal once its announced. In the past months the stocks have cooled off indicating that investors seem to think it won't pass. If it doesn't pass long investors could be ready for a trip for extensive capital losses. However, if it does pass those same investors could be getting new plasma screen televisions.

Have any of you heard when it may or may not pass? Do you agree with the merger? Will you be more likely to subscribe if the merger passes?

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Blogger Kristen said...

So you can get all your sports and I can get my Martha all in one place!? SWEET! Sign me up!

22 May, 2007 22:40  

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