Regarding that Box of Baseball Card (Company) in Your Closet...

Today Topps (the maker of sports cards, push pops and other candies) received another takeover bid. Originally, Topps received a bid originally from Michael Eisner's private equity company. Today's bid of $424 million from San Diego's (well Carlsbad actually) Upper Deck exceeded the original bid of $385 million. It's refreshing to see an acquired company not going to private equity these days.

You probably remember Topps as a maker of your favorite baseball cards growing up. However, after the baseball/sports card craze of the late 80's and early 90's Topps and all sports cards fell into hard times. Recently, Topps has been looking for a buyer for either its confectionery business or sports card business, it appears that both of their businesses will be going to Upper Deck or any other potential buyer.

One of the interesting side stories of this, is what Major League Baseball will do. After deciding there was an over-saturation of baseball cards on the market in around 2005, MLB limited baseball card production to two companies, Topps and Upper Deck. Now that they could be one company MLB most likely will have to give licences to other companies that they previously took licenses from originally. That company will probably be Donruss.

So do any of you still collect sports cards? If you do, you're probably wondering what will shake out after all this merging and acquiring finishes. You may also be wondering what happened to that old box of cards in your closet. Take a look it may be worth something. If nothing else it will be a good trip down memory lane.

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