Out With the Old..in With More Ebay

Today Yahoo! announced that it was going to end its North American auction site. Really Yahoo? I wasn't aware that you had one.

Actually, I did know that Yahoo had an auction site. However, after repeated attempts to use it, I found it unusable. Since the site developed such low traffic, almost all auctions were listed at the minimum price a seller was willing to let it go for. So in effect that turned Yahoo auctions in to a "Buy it Now" at a certain time site. That isn't the best way to run an auction site. So I do think its a good decision to shut it down. It looks like Yahoo auctions Japan will continue on, so don't worry Gwen Steffani, you can still purchase your Harajuku girls there.

This was only marginal news for Ebay as their stock only went up a little than 2%. So do you think this will solidify Ebay's position as the main auction player even more so?

Me personally, I've never used any other auction site, nor would I want to at this time. However, if you're looking for a replacement for Yahoo auctions and refuse to Ebay, try uBid, for mostly new electronics, or ePier, for everything else. Neither has the traffic that Ebay does, but maybe you'll find a good deal.

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