New French Order?

With 53% of the vote Nicolas Sarkozy is now France's new President. Sarkozy, a conservative won victory over Segolene Royal a Socialist. Sarkozy hopes to bring a big change to France. His is more pro-American and pro-Israeli than many previous leaders. He is also the first French President who was born after World War II. He has pledged to treat America more as a friend than his predecessor. This may be a large change for Europe as France is typically one of America's largest critics. In addition, Sarkozy hopes to revive a once proud and worldly dominant society.

One of the more interesting facts about this election is that turnout was 85%, much higher than a typical American election. However, not everyone was particularly happy about this (most likely the 47% who voted for Royal) as there was rioting in Paris in similar locations that suffered from rioting in 2005. Many of these individuals are unhappy with Sarkozy's sure to be coming immigration reform.
I wonder, will Sarkozy lead France to be a main player on the world stage again? Can he bridge the divide between the traditional French and recent immigrants? Will this entice you to visit France in the near future? Or like many Americans do you really care?

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