The new beginning.

I'm going to try out this blog thing. Hopefully its somewhat insightful, intelligent and humorous. Since this my first real effort, there will be a learning curve. I also plan to be my main reader for the first few posts. Perhaps that will change later on. I will try and keep up on things that I find interesting throughout the day. I personally have many interests and will try to keep up on a wide range of topics. That's the goal, we'll see how it goes.

One of my first steps is to create a good domain name. I'm going to try for a little while more. I think I should be able to come up with something pretty good. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Otherwise thanks for taking a look and hope you read some more soon.


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Blogger Kristen said...

I thought you said this was going to be interesting?! hahah. So is this going to be a grab bag of posts or are you going to have an underlying theme? I think having a cohesive theme would be your best bet, but thats just me.

04 May, 2007 17:13  

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