My Ten Most Livable Cities

I was looking around on the web and came across this: The Best Cities in the world to live in. It got me thinking, what would I put down at the 10 best cities to live in. A lot of these are based on my own quick perceptions as I've been in a few of them a limited amount of time but this is what I came up with.

1. Zurich, Switzerland
Class, cleanliness and sophistication define this city. If you live here you better fit into that definition as well.
2. Paris, France
This classic city has everything you could ask for culture and arts, fantastic food and of course, high prices.
3. Portland, Oregon, USA
Top notch food, relaxed feel and not crowded. Portland is down to earth and has everything you could wish for.
4. San Diego, California, USA
I live here right now, so I know a little bit more about here. Best in the world weather, great food not a bad place to be as long as you can handle all the people.
5. San Francisco, California, USA
A big city with tons of heritage and culture. Spectacular food including Asian, seafood and others also with the BART its easy to get in and out.
6. Chicago, Illinois, USA
Great hot dogs, plus a great selection of other food. Chicago also has many activities and sights, real estate isn't too expensive compared to other large markets so that's a big plus.
7. Berlin, Germany
This European city is finally emerging from its clouded past to its bright future. Economic prospects are bright. Not many people here own property, so if you have the cash you could find a nice place.
8. Bangkok, Thailand
The quintessential Southeast Asian city. Top food, fast paced and heritage all around. You can live near majestic temples and still be close to modern conveniences. Hope you can get used to the heat though!
9. London, England
London has culture, great food, shopping, and tons of pubs. Its also very expensive. However, if you can afford London, there aren't many places that are better.
10. New York, New York, USA
New York, vendors, museums, Broadway, Yankees, Empire State Building. Not much more you can say!
Obviously this list is very subjective. Even my opinions change, especially as I visit more cities around the world. What do you think? Did I miss a city or overrate a city?

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Blogger MG Siegler said...

What, no Cleveland?

20 May, 2007 22:39  
Blogger cclemens31 said...

Ha!, that was number 11!

21 May, 2007 02:08  
Blogger Kristen said...

You forgot to mention the shopping in Chi-Town! And you conveniently left off the fact that you have a major man crush on Rick Bayless explaining the reason you love the food there.

I am with you on number one though! Take me to a Globus stat!

22 May, 2007 22:44  

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