JetBlue on the Way to Becoming Like Peers

One of the two airline darlings (the other being Southwest in my mind) is heading down a path to similarities with its peers. JetBlue, considered for the past few years as an airline that's breaking the mold has reduced their CEO and founder to company chairman. This isn't too much of a surprise since JetBlue has had so many difficulties this past winter regarding passenger delays and cancellations. Coupled with an estimated $40 million dollar loss, someone's head had to roll and in this case it was the head of the company.

While this isn't unreasonable, its a shame. Clearly JetBlue has stepped into the realm of an real American corporation. I believe that JetBlue did this to stop the free fall that their stock has been experiencing since the onset of the "passenger treatment" issues. Despite this, as a person who believes that the capital markets is the best economic system, it still is sad to see one man's passion get taken away in such dire circumstances. But hey, if your lemonade stand is selling sour lemonade, maybe a new lemonade maker will fix it. Or will it?

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