The Internet Gets "Joost"

Well, I know I'm behind the times, but here it goes. I just tried out Joost. For those few like me, that didn't know what Joost is, you'll be pleased to know its basically another venue to watch TV and videos online. So you're probably saying, hey I get youtube for free, why would I want something else? Well, remember the slogan, we didn't invent it, we made it better? This will be better.

So where did Joost come from? Its basically a venture between the two guys who got a $2.6 billion payout for selling their first invention, Skype to Ebay. So its basically a pet project of some guys who are and will continue to be wealthier than you. Unless you're Bill Gates, then maybe you'll buy Joost.

So what makes Joost so much different than the hundreds of video sharing sites out there? Starting off the quality of the videos are full screen, so its a lot easier on your eyes. Also, it looks like its actual authorized TV shows, rather than a hodgepodge of random clips. We'll see how long this lasts since this is a P2P site. It could be pretty soon that we'll be seeing Survivor at 5pm here on the west coast.

Overall, my initial inclination is that this is pretty cool. Youtube, I know you've been in the lead for a long time (by web standards) but watch out the competitors are not that far behind.

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