The Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Business 2.0 released their annual list of top 100 fastest growing tech companies today. It's interesting to take a look and see some of the trends that the top companies are heading toward. The top ten include:

- Online music and video management (Akamai Technologies)
- Small business new website consulting (Imergent)
- Personal beautification surgery products (Palomar Medical Technologies)
- Wireless phone software (InterDigital Communications)
- Online fraud prevention (CyberSource)
- IT consultants (Perficient)
- Consumer electronics production tools (Lam Research)
- Military body armor and supplies (Ceradyne)
- Computer to Internet consultants (F5 Networks)
- More military body armor and supplies (Armor Holdings)

With a quick glance at this list it's clear that the Internet is still the top dog for growth tech companies. There appears to be a lot of growth opportunities for those people with expertise on the Internet that can assist those without the knowledge as evidenced by Imergent and F5 Networks. Also, most likely due to the Iraq war and the changing nature of future wars, military supply companies like Ceradyne and Armor Holding are benefiting from their innovations. The big surprise for me was Palomar Medical Technologies, while I realize many people are getting plastic surgery it surprises me that many people are getting that much surgery that the demand for equipment is that high.

Do you agree with this list? Are there some missing companies? Could some companies be ranked too high?

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